Photo Credit:  Megan Marlene Photography in Anchorage, Alaska



Blogger Candice Robb  was born and raised in the South.  She is a  wife, a momma of two, an elementary school teacher, and a consumer education advocate.  Suffering a long battle with PCOS, obesity, and infertility, she moved from Arkansas to Alaska with her husband Danny in 2012.

Through pages and books of heartfelt prayer and extensive research, Candice learned how to control her PCOS symptoms and heal her body with clean living and safer household products.  Candice and her husband were able to bring a healthy son and daughter into this world without any fertility assistance from doctors.  Candice continued on her quest for better health with PCOS and has to date lost over 60 pounds with the Ketogenic diet, clean living, and her quest for safer products.

Candice and her husband Danny enjoy living and teaching together in Alaska where they’ve experienced their greatest highs and most heartbreaking lows.  After eleven years, three surgeries, countless medications, and three failed foster adoptions, God blessed them with their own two bundles of joy in His perfect timing.

Candice and Danny have enjoyed fifteen years of marriage together.  They live and love in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska with their young son and daughter.  They enjoy their family, their students, their community, and Alaskan village life.  What happens when Southerners far from home create a new life in a wild and mysterious land up North?  Candice can’t wait to share this beautiful story of love and faith with you!

humbled by motherhood


Humbled by the awesome task of motherhood, Candice relies heavily on Jesus, strong coffee, and a really good eye cream to get her through.   Candice hopes to use her story of faith, perseverance, and personal triumph to minister to women struggling with PCOS and infertility.  Also on offer from this blog:  Alaskan seafood recipes with a Keto and Southern slant, teacher tips (Candice is a National Board Certified educator with twelve years of experience in two states), Clean Living, Clean Beauty, and Clean Eating, baby and toddler style, and stories of island life  in The Last Frontier.

Candice hopes to help other women by sharing what has worked for her in her quest for better health and fertility.  She also hopes to help other wives and mothers to create the safest, healthiest, and happiest homes possible for their families.  This blog will also be informative and beneficial to anyone planning to move to Alaska, teach in Alaska, or just visit for fun.  Candice also hopes to share her perspective on being a Southerner and loving the South, but not living there.

Photography Credits

All fine family portraits were produced by Megan Marlene Photography in Anchorage, Alaska.

Candice has taken many of the photos featured on this blog herself.



Candice is not a healthcare professional or expert.  This blog will share tips and tricks for PCOS health and wellness that have worked for her.  This blog makes no promise to cure any ailment associated with PCOS, up to and including infertility. The advice found here should in no way replace the instructions of your physician.  Before any  new diet or exercise regimen, you should consult your doctor.